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Mooring & Riser Analysis

The complex nature of offshore environment and the risk involved it becomes very important to correctly analyse and design any support system which has a significant effect on offshore safety and operation.

Aryatech's in-depth technical expertise and industry knowledge has capability to undertake variety of complex projects :

• Mooring Analysis of offshore work-cum-accommodation barges

• Riser and Mooring Analysis

• Pipelaying Analysis

• General Line dynamics and motion prediction

Mooring Analysis

Mooring Analysis has become an essential tool to simulate complex nature of station keeping to ensure safety and to reduce risk during offshore operation. Mooring analysis is vastly required in case of:

• Complex platform and sub-sea infrastructure

• Vessel positioning in close proximity to assets

• Longer mooring durations

• Operational requirement: gangway connections, helicopter operations

• Operational requirement: Vessel response under accidental damage of a line

• Operational requirement: Support vessel's movement in close proximity to barge

• Operational requirement: Unconventional requirements: Connection to Jacket leg, DP buoys etc.

Riser-mooring coupled analysis

• Time domain dynamic coupled analysis

• Non-linear large displacement analysis

• Modal analysis

• Fully coupled tension, bending and torsion analysis

Jetty Mooring Analysis

• Heavy weather mooring analysis

• Line load calculation

• Jetty / Fender load calculation

• Mooring Plan

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Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.