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Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. is the Bentley Channel Partner for the marketing of MOSES Software in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Middle East ( UAE, North Africa, Qatar, Turkey & Egypt).

MOSES is an advanced suite of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic software that provides for the accurate calculation and simulation of offshore floating systems. Its analysis capabilities and scripting language can be applied in the frequency domain and time domain for both installation problems and in-place analysis of FPSOs and floating platforms. More than 30 years of focus on these specialized requirements have made MOSES the analysis mainstay for most of the world's offshore installation projects. MOSES is available in three suites to suit all design office requirements: MOSES Enterprise, MOSES Advanced, and MOSES.

Using the flexible and customizable MOSES Language, naval architects and offshore engineers can complete hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, mooring and structural simulations of all types of offshore operations, including loadout, transportation, lifting, launching, upending, and floatover. MOSES can also be used to predict the in-place performance of moored systems such as FPSOs and floating platforms. The integrated nature of the MOSES solver improves efficiency and reduces the risk of error when compared with the traditional approach of using multiple packages to analyze the separate components of a project.

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Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.